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Current Packages

illinois yard cards

Standard Happy Birthday

This includes the recipients name and age with your choice of Birthday color and graphic theme. 

*If needed based on yard size, this package will be abbreviated to B-Day.

Standard Graduation Greeting 

This package includes Congrats and the graduate's name with graduation graphics with your choice of the available colors

This package can be upgraded include Congratulations and/or Class of 2023 for an additional fee.   

Chicago Yard Cards
illinois yard cards

Trunk Party Greeting

This package can include the name of the school (but cannot exceed six characters) bound, the recipient's name with school initials and bound, or just the schools initials and bound. 

Each package has a different price range.

Baby Shower/
Birth Announcements 

This package can include the babies name or simply Congrats it's a boy or girl.

Chicago Yard Cards
illinois yard cards

Welcome Home/ Realtor 

This package can include Welcome Home, recipient's name, and/or Congrats.

Say Anything

This package is for those who want something custom. Customers are able to craft their own (26 character max.) lawn greeting or can enlist in the help of our staff if needed. 

illinois yard cards


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